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Koller Pointe Homeowners Association Owner’s Meeting Minutes


August 30, 2017

Attendees: The residents of Koller Pointe, Bobby Jackson, Lloyd Gill and Vince Cerceo as board
members, and Sarina Bucks representing Pennsylvania Management Team.

Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm at the New Freedom Community Center.


A.     The board and management company have been in contact with the developer and borough and
botl~ parties have indicated that the developer will be completing the roads next year.
Homeowners want a list created of all the repairs that need to be done and sent to the borough.
It was suggested by homeowners to send letters to various political organizations expressing
the frustration that the roads have not yet been completed. Bobbie has been working with a
local news reporter who has been gathering data to include in an article.

B.      There is a growing concern of water coming down behind the homes on Logan Drive. This is
an area that is supposed to be addressed by Keystone if this was not done according to the
subdivision plans. Homeowners supplied pictures of the water in the yards to be sent to the
developer and borough. Homeowners have also gone to the borough however they have stated
that this is not their issue yet until it is completed. Bobbie suggested attending borough
meetings. That information will be sent out to the community.

C.      The basin is overgrown and really needs to be completed. This would be done in 2018 with the
roads. It was asked if the developer could at least come in and cut some of the items that are
encroaching onto the neighboring home. The board has reached out and asked if this can be
done and if there is no resolution then the borough will be notified to see if they can help.

D.     Homeowners want a list created of all the repairs that need to be done and sent to the borough.

E.      There are. still pot holes on the streets. The developer needs to fill them.

F.      A homeowner asked if an electronic copy of the plot plans could be sent out to the community.

Sarina will see if there is one available.

G.     There was discussion of self-management or a new management company. The board will
discuss this further once they have the election.

H.     The budget was presented. There is no increase in BOA fees for 2018.

I.        Lou Gill was the incumbent for the election. Lou mentioned now that the roads will be
completed in 2018 it would be helpful to increase the board to a five person board. He made
the motion to increase the board size to five people and Vincent Ford seconded it. The motion
was carried unanimously. A ballot will be prepared and sent out. It was asked if there were
nominees on the floor. Four stepped forward willing to run and they are incumbent Lou Gill,
Randy Tattersall, Mrya Gillis and Leo Buckley.

The meeting was adjourned at 8: 10pm.


Minutes submitted by: Sarina Bucks 




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